ganganonline-ripster: new ripster

Install: ganganonline-ripster.user.js

This is probably the dumbest one I could come up with; making heavy use of proxy objects. The TL;DR is: Fa Q.

As always; if you do use these; please add the Manga­Dex group Fa Q Sc­ans[#2978] to your up­load groups.

Please Ping @ZaneAU#1498 on AniDex#zeen3-ripsters, contact me through this form or something if you need my help for making new RIPsters. Thank you.

Thank you for your time, support and use of my aid. Have a nice time!

Examples (click to enlarge):

Ayaka  Cover Page
Cover page for Ayaka
Ayaka opening page
Opening page for ayaka
Ayaka page 3
Ayaka page 3

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