RIPSter: kuragebunch

A new RIPSter runner is available; ku­ra­ge­bunch-rip­ster.user.js (sha1 as of Tue, 25 Sep 2018 10:13:00 GMT: d81b2b30eaf14e21d480da959175675415587d21).


Uses mobile user agent because some lazy dude chose to make mobile always give actual images rather than scrambled images, thankfully.
#content .page-area:not([id])
The shit with id attributes all get ads. Fuck.
new File( /* ... */ )
Wanted to try something different.
File is .jpeg; not .png or .jpg?
I pull the file extension as part of the file type. Or rather; image/jpegjpeg and image/pngpng. I just knock off the first six characters of the content-type and leave the rest to act as the files' extension. Other than that; I'm literally just dodging any need to process the image itself in the browser.

Well anyway; as before; if you do use these; please add the Manga­Dex group Fa Q Sc­ans[#2978] to your up­load groups.

Thank you for your time, support and use of my aid. Have a nice time!

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