RIP­Ster run­ners

RIP­Ster run­ners

Various raw site rippers; in­tend­ed to save raw images from ja/zh/ko sites.

Currently; I include pa­ge.ka­ka­­er?*, r.bin­* and book­­view­er/s/* as you can see here.

I plan to add more; and addition­ally if you can add more and/or fix ones that may be broken; please con­tribute on git­­sters; and/or ping me: @ZaneAU#1498 in Ani­Dex­#dev-talk[perma] or, if you own a manga­ blog, Ani­Dex#manga­dex-host­ing-sup­port).

If you do use these; please add the Manga­Dex group Fa Q Sc­ans[#2978] to your up­load groups.

Thank you for your time, support and use of my aid. Have a nice time!