RIPSter up­date: r­bin­b; add web­com­ic.oh­ta­, book­

In­stall (Grease­Mon­key/Tam­per­Mon­key): r­bin­b-rip­ster.u­ser.js. New sha1­sum: c8acdf272bf931d0341cbeb06ccb7fc2d6a8f5af.

Add compatible sites
Added to @matches: web­comic.oh­ta­[as bin­], book­
Update downloader
Use unified async nt.__downloadFile__(blob, name) func­tion
Better semantics
await a promise (res­olved out of band) and add a no­ti­fi­ca­tion for down­load com­ple­tion.

This is using a "smart" method; so will always down­load in order.

Main RIP­Ster page: zeen3.git­­sters/

Thank you for your time; and as before; if you do use these; please add the Manga­Dex group Fa Q Sc­ans[#2978] to your up­load groups.

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